Cliff Top Sessions 

CLIFFTOP SESSIONS is a collection of intimately shot, closed-door, late-night jams that will have blues, folk & hip-hop heavy-weights and rookies meet at a secret, Cornish cottage-on-a-cliff-top, with grand piano and a roaring fire. 

Martha has been touring since she was a babe in the arms of her musician parents, and so, has an instinct for what road-weary musicians need to bring the magic out of their performance…somewhere they can relax and be themselves, a home from home in an inspiring location.

The documentary was filmed in a Cornish cottage overlooking the sea 


Green Painted Wreath

With an invitation to ‘come-as-you-are’, THE CLIFFTOP SESSIONS is where musicians can leave it all behind – lose the crowds for the night, ditch the agent, bring sleeping bags and guitars, be prepared to pick up a dish cloth. – And let the song and chat flow freely as stormy Cornish winds blow.

This is the alternative to the X-factor generation. No rehearsals. No competition. No ego. Martha’s concept is to have music as the great leveller. As these talented musicians play audience to one another, the crackle of artistic charge is palpable as the creative energy is handed round the room from one song to the next.

The line-up includes the un-assuming Wizz Jones. Named by Eric Clapton and Keith Richards as a major musical influence, to bristol hip hop artist Clayton Blizzard . Nuala Honan, an Aussie country-meets-folk musician with a voice that brings tears your eyes. She was awarded Australia’s Music Industry Award for Most Outstanding Female Vocalist in 2007.

Charismatic talented Dalston boy Theo bard, to cornish based desert blues style Ashley Height. The guitar wizardry and sublime voice of bare footed Nathan Ball and of course Martha Tilston playing her raw emotional best at a candle lit piano. And this is just few of the musicians who travelled from all over the country to play and share that night.

In the warm, no frills atmosphere of THE CLIFFTOP SESSIONS, film crew meld with musicians as roving & fixed rig cameras offer audiences a refreshingly stripped-back portrait of some of their musical heroes, as well as a chance for some of the finest underground talent to be showcased. Hi-fidelity audio from multiple high end mics and pick-ups will catch all the ‘green room’ banter and, more importantly, do the music justice.

With one session in the can, upcoming sessions are already attracting interest from the likes of Damien Rice, Neil Halstead and Lou Rhodes. For these breakthrough artists, it’s a chance to reconnect with their musical roots, and play alongside emerging and unsigned talent.

“…we walked back up the cliff path the next morning, all of us, musicians and crew a little changed, like something rare and magical had happened…” 

Green Painted Wreath

Martha wrote, directed & starred in The Tape, a feature film set in Cornwall  


The Tape 

Written and directed by musician Martha Tilston, recently nominated for Best Arts Programme at the Celtic Media Festival for her film 'Cliff Top Sessions', this feature film will also include her next album. 

A musician who has lost her faith in her art and a disillusioned lawyer who has lost his sense of self are thrown together, reigniting their creative passion and offering them the chance of a new future.

"A film with music at its heart – think ‘ONCE’ but in the windswept world of Cornwall with themes of staying true to yourself and taking bold steps towards happiness." 

A piano, an old tape recorder, an empty Cornish cottage, a feral child, a love story, wild swimming, and a reminder to get back to our creative souls.