September 2020 -


MOUSE, to those who knew, was a musical duo we formed few years back.

But to some of us it was a bit more - it was a time - a sense of raw freedom and hope, it was the smell of woodsmoke drifting through the festival in the early hours.

It was late night gigs in the green fields in a beduin tent, on stage in the small hours with a brandy hot chocolate. 

It was singing by the lake as the sun came up.

It was Nick Marshall's haunting guitar wizardry that I had the pleasure to sing and play with.

It was travelling round with the small world stage, squat parties and buddhist festivals, growing and learning on the way.

It was touring around Ireland with Damien Rice, the van's clutch falling through the floor on the way home.

It was open mic nights, it was the grey horse and all the inspiring musicians we grew and made music with. 

Then it was bigger gigs, the album release, managers, music industry and all of that tangled world of business… Well, Mouse felt a little small and lost in that world.…

So it crawled away quietly and Mouse became just a whisper again...

But over the years people have been asking about Mouse…..

shhhh…………..We are re releasing Mouse Tales!

There won’t be any fanfare or PR, only the whisper that you may, if you feel, pass on to others who may like Mice.

You can download it from us and play it whenever you wish to time travel away to a better time - to remember our hopes and dreams, to reignite them maybe - or give them space to be. 




Warmest blessings x Nick and Martha


August 2020 -






Our facebook live gigs over lockdown became such a treat for us to play and the feedback we had from all of you was incredible. It seemed we really formed a community!

So bearing in mind the world around us is still in a bit of tangle, it feels like we could all do with some of these gigs over the autumn and winter!

So we shall be inviting you into my new living room.... with a grand piano, guitars, special guests and roaring fire.... dates will be released soon...ish....x


Exciting news- the feature film we made last year The Tape is finished. We went up to the colour grading suite in London to finish it, and it was wonderful to see it looking and sounding so fantastic on a big screen. 

Most enormous thanks to all at Goldcrest, Mary, Laura and everyone who has made this project come to life.

We are now in plans for distribution and screenings etc.  and we will keep you posted about the 2021 release.... 


June 2020 -



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