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The Sea (2014) 

£10.00 SQRCD08

Traditional folk songs about the sea, collected, sung and played with family & friends - Kith & Kin

1. Lovely On The Water, 2. Lowlands Of Holland, 3. Shipwreckers, 4. Shallow Brown, 5. Blackwater Side, 6. Fisherlad Of Whitby, 7. House Carpenter, 8. Waters Of Tyne, 9. Mermaid Of Zennor

Machines of Love and Grace (2012) ---- VINYL & CD

£10.00 SQRCD07/SQRLP07


All vinyl purchases will receive an email with a download code for a digital copy of the album. Also - SPECIAL OFFER - Free copy of 'Real' - Live from the Union chapel.

1. stags bellow, 2. silent women, 3. survival guide, 4. blue eyes, 5. wall street, 6. more, 7. staircase, 8. suburbia, 9. shiny gold car, 10. butterflies, 11. let them glow

Real - Live at the Union Chapel (2010)

£10.00 SQRCD06

1. red, 2. duvet, 3. space, 4. winter flowers, 5. artificial, 6. seagull, 7. who are you, 8. golden, 9. corporations, 10. good world

Lucy & the Wolves (2010)

£10.00 SQRCD05

1. the cape, 2. rockpools, 3. lucy, 4. who turns, 5. wild swimming, 6. 350 bells, 7. my chair, 8. seabirds, 9. searching for lambs, 10. old tom cat, 11. wave machine

Of Milkmaids and Architects (2007)

£10.00 SQRCD03


1.winter flowers, 2.artificial, 3.polly vaughan, 4.music of the moon, 5.milkmaid, 6.the architect, 7.good world, 8.songs that make sophie fizz, 9.silver dagger, 10. the tulip effect, 11.scientist

Bimbling (2004)

£10.00 SQRCD01

OUT OF STOCK - more on the way very soon!

1.Space, 2.Red (click to hear!), 3.Firefly, 4.Seagull, 5.Brighton Song, 6.Tribal kidz, 7.Mary and the prince, 8. Monkey boy, 9.Over to ireland, 10.Cycles, 11.The Numbness, 12.Sprig of thyme, 13.Fire Wood


Purchase prints of martha's album artwork paintings. These paintings are martha's own creations and have been lovingly captured using a fine-art 'Giclee' printing technique. Artwork is reproduced onto board ready for mounting/framing. Size ranges are A3 and A2 ('til I reach the sea' only).

"Machines of Love and Grace" cover artwork A3- £40.00 plus p&p

"Lucy and the Wolves" cover artwork A3- £40.00 plus p&p

"Til I reach the Sea" cover artwork A2- £50.00 plus p&p

"Of Milkmaids and Architects" cover artwork A3- £40.00 plus p&p