Machines of Love and Grace – VINYL


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CD edition available as a digital download. Go to:

Vinyl edition, includes tracks not available on CD version.

Track Listings

  1. Stags Bellow
  2. Silent Women
  3. Survival Guide
  4. More
  5. Blue Eyes
  1. Wall Street
  2. We’re Alright Now
  3. Let Them Glow
  4. Submarine (Lifeboat for the Soul)

Martha Tilston’s stunning new studio album ‘Machines of Love and Grace’ explores her philosophy of life, her relationships and politics like few singer/songwriters working today. Martha Tilston is a captivating performer, an enchanting singer-songwriter blessed with a gloriously clear and seductively beautiful voice. Weaving her magic spell over listeners wherever she plays – from the concert hall to the campfire, from folk clubs to main festival stages – she is a rare gem who has the power to draw an audience into her world and create an intimate space where her words and music dance and delight, leaving all those present with a smile, a warm feeling inside, and a few issues to ponder, too. It is hardly surprising that Martha is such an original and accomplished performer. She grew up surrounded by music, art, poetry and drama, always encouraged to express herself through the creative arts. Her father is acclaimed singer-songwriter Steve Tilston; stepmum the glorious London-Irish folk singer Maggie Boyle; her mum Naomi is a talented artist, while stepdad Frank is a theatre director. The various creative influences combined. Hearing folk luminaries such as Bert Jansch, Ralph McTell and John Renbourn playing in the kitchen with her dad, and learning traditional songs from Maggie Boyle formed the background to Martha’s love of folk music. Having inherited her mum’s artistic talents, Martha paints the artwork for her albums.


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